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Hello Everyone and Welcome to mimakaan,

Mimakaan.com is a property portal to help you sell, buy, rent, or let your properties.

We know there’s a ton of them out there. But hear us out: We promise we’re not like the other Real Estate Portals in Pakistan. We will give you more details in the coming days as to how mimakaan is unique, and we don’t use the word unique lightly.

Let us give you a hint. Mimakaan will have no property dealers. Yes, NO PROPERTY DEALERS. We are Pakistan’s first Property Dealer Free website for the real estate market.

But that isn’t all, and in the next few days we will inform you about the other benefits you get from mimakaan.com

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Or head over to our website and signup with mimakaan. We’re waiting for you.

Join the Dealer Free Revolution, and shout with us: It’s mimakaan and my commission.

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