Finding a house to rent is a tiring and time-consuming business. Even though property portals like help you find houses online, still your work doesn’t end there.

Here are a few tips to assist you in making the best possible decision irrespective whether you use or a traditional property dealer.


We assume you have a good idea of your budget. Now is the best time to assess general rental values in the neighborhood of your choice. Before you go talking to property dealers first visit the neighborhood you are interested in. Another option is to use to get some information about the area. mimakaan is also the best way to easily and readily get rentals directly from landlords.

Alternatively you might do a local tour. Talk to small shop-owners as they generally have a good idea of rental values. Since most live nearby they will give you a good breakdown of the area including many nuggets of hidden information. You will be surprised to find how forthcoming and helpful your neighborhood grocery owner is.


Although you will be aware of what you are looking for, it won’t hurt to make a shortlist of facilities you’d want close by. For example if you have young children you will definitely prefer schools in the vicinity.

Here is a shortlist to help you flesh these out.
a. Schools, Colleges, Tuition Centers.
b. Transport facilities: To help you commute to work. Factor this into your cost of living.
c. Nearby shops and restaurants.
d. Clinics and Hospitals. Particularly important if you have elderly or sick relatives living with you.
e. Public Transport. Even if you own a car or bike, you might want to save some additional money by having public transport easily available.
Remember also has a map feature, which helps you finding all facilities and features in the area where you want to live.


First list down all features that you are looking for in your ideal home. Ideal means everything you would want. Write freely.
Next you should list down your minimum requirements. Mimimum requirements is what you cannot live without. A four person family definitely wants a minimum of two rooms and so on.
The home you will end up is likely to lie somewhere between the ideal and the barebones version. However the features noted in your ideal home will be bonuses, if you can find them. This five-minute exercise will help you choose if you can’t decide between two houses you like equally. On we have a list of facilities that will help you with this. Simply sign up and click the Wanted tab. This will take you to a page to help you list these down.


Now let’s go find a ‘good’ property dealer.
The problem is most property dealers prefer buying and selling property, since this lands them a higher commission for the same amount of work. As such you, as a rental client, are likely to get less attention from the property dealer, since he will always focus on those clients who want to buy a house.
This is where comes in. Since mimakaan focus is on rentals, you are our first priority. We focus our full attention on rental clients providing them tools, information, and assistance to find their homes for free.
Talking of property dealers, make sure the commission terms are clear between you and the property dealer.
We will have a follow up post to help you work with property dealers. Be aware though that a property dealer’s first job is to ensure the efforts he makes on your behalf land him a quick profit.


When visiting properties always ensure you are talking to the actual landlord or an authorized representative. The property dealer is not a representative of the landlord—be clear about this. And neither is he your representative. As a middleman the property dealer hoards information and that is what you pay for.

Ensuring access to landlord will save you time and potential fraud down the line. Landlords are always looking for good tenants; likewise you should always search for helpful and co-operative landlords.


Always check that all promised utilities are available and working before you sign any document. If your home is without electricity or gas because of delayed payments or other problems, ensure the landlord fixes those. If you want a landline make sure the landlord agrees in writing to give permission. See Online Rental Agreement on


Even if the house is unfurnished, you should make a list of all fixtures such as fans, geysers, cooking range etcetera. Note if these fixtures are working or not. Take photographs of all the rooms. Make a list of installations, which both you and the landlord will sign.
For Furnished houses will soon provide you an inventory checklist, which you can use. Sign up with to learn when we release this feature. In the meantime ensure to write everything down along with condition. It is always a good idea to also note Serial No’s of electrical equipment.


We will have a subsequent blog post about how to craft a good Rental Agreement. For now you can visit and take a look at our free Online Rental Agreement. This agreement covers most situations you are likely to face. However you and the landlord can edit the Online Agreement we provide to cover any special requirements the two parties might have. You can then print out and sign the Online Rental Agreement directly from mimakaan.

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