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Tips For Finding Student Accommodation

So you’ve gained admission to college. Well, congratulations! 

Now starts the difficult task of finding a suitable accommodation, especially if you’re moving to another city. But take a deep breath, relax, and let’s break things down and make the job easier for you.

Are you a student looking to rent a room in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. If so, let’s start with the 11 tips you need to keep in mind. And remember we have tons of experience in this.


Don’t be one of those students who keep delaying their search for rooms for rent till the very end. Remember there’s a horde of students who’ll be hunting for rented accommodation at the same time as you. In order to make sure you get the accommodation of your choice, whether it be a hostel or flat, you need to act NOW and reserve your room as soon as you can. Else you might have to choose from whatever is left behind.


Before you start your hunt, know you have a number of options available. We’ve listed them below.

  • University Hostels
  • Private Hostels
  • Private Rooms and Houses
  • As a paying guest

We’ll cover the pros and cons of these in a later post, for now, we’ll just say university hostels are the most popular choice for students, since they are generally located on campus, or close to it. Plus they are optimally organized to host a large number of students and have decent facilities.

You need to contact your University’s admission office and find out the contact details for their hostel. The hostel warden will then be able to reserve your place.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, many students are unable to find space in a university hostel. If you’re one of them, don’t worry—there’s a large number of private hostels for students in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, which now offer living facilities similar or in some cases better than your university hostel.

Or you can decide to hook up with a bunch of fellow-students and rent your own place. Cost-sharing might even be more cost-effective. However, it does come with the hassle of cooking your own food, paying bills, house-keeping and the like.

However you go about it know that mimakaan.com provides you a number of options to find student hostels, as well as for professionals looking for rooms and accommodation.


You will find a large number of student hostels available especially in large cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi. These range from those offering basic amenities to more lavish ones. The expensive hostels also cater to young professionals looking for rooms.

Best way to narrow down your options is by setting out your maximum monthly budget.

Break your budget into the following line items to get an estimate. Know many hostels will cover some of these in their rent:

  1. Monthly rent
  2. Utilities
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Food


Must-haves are items you cannot compromise on e.g. internet availability, food served at the hostel, access to public transport, and so on.

These are crucial items and will have a significant impact on your budget if your hostel doesn’t provide them. Any hostel not providing the facility in your must-have list should be struck off your list.


Are you an outgoing, extrovert who enjoys the company of others? In that case, you need a hostel with a common dining area or TV lounge.

Or perhaps you’re more solitary and are looking for a separate room.

Or you can’t live without your air-conditioner or heater. Note this down.

Do you eat out a lot? Well, you need to have restaurants close to your hostel.

Remember, none of the above are deal breakers (or perhaps they are for you) for most people. However it’s good to make a list of items you’ll prefer to have, but if you don’t get them you’ll survive.

If you go to mimakaan.com you’ll find a comprehensive set of filters to help narrow down hostels to those which meet your needs.

Alternatively, you can also post your requirements here: mimakaan/wanted. Hostels and landlords will contact you if they can offer you the facilities required.


Gone are the days when students would travel to an unfamiliar city, commute from one area to the other searching for accommodation, only to find out that the hostel is reserved or doesn’t have the required facilities. These days internet is your best friend. Go online and start your search. Even better simply go to mimakaan.com where we have simplified and organized the process for those looking for student hostels and accommodations for professionals

On mimakaan you’ll find a large number of hostels, plus a whole range of filters to find rooms to meet your budget and requirements. Even better we only show hostels and rooms where space is available. You won’t have to visit or call hostels only to find they are booked out. Plus we provide you support by noting your requirements and double-checking availability with the hostel you select, so you are not surprised later.

Please know that currently, mimakaan.com is only listing Student Hostels in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Young Professionals searching for rooms and houses, we have you covered also.

Note: We will start operation in Lahore and Karachi. Just sit tight and sign up with us you’ll find out when.


As you search hostels and rooms, make sure to shortlist the ones you like. There is such a plethora of choices you are likely to forget the ones you liked. On mimakaan.com we offer a FAVORITES button to help you shortlist. You can access your Favorite list of Properties from your Personal Dashboard.


Always ensure you check the terms and conditions of the hostel. Note the following:

  • Admission Fee.
  • Security Deposit the hostel will keep. This is usually refundable.
  • How many days you need to notify the hostel before vacating.
  • Timings Policy.
  • Policy related to inviting friends especially of the opposite gender.

Always know these and other contractual details beforehand so you are not disappointed later.


Once you’ve found a room of your choice, don’t delay. Reserve before your spot is taken up by another student. This is especially important when the new college session is just starting out. In case you need help mimakaan.com will help you by reserving your room. Send the money to us and we will make a payment on your behalf as per the terms of the hostel.


One challenge of living in hostels is ending up with roommates who are incompatible with you. Don’t over-think or fret over this. Hostel life is a challenge and an adventure in itself. Take it as such.

However, it is always better to find like-minded people. One way to achieve this is by making sure as many of your friends and acquaintances know where you have gained admission and that you are looking for a hostel/roommate. Chances are your friends will inform you if someone from their circle is also looking for a roommate. Also, announce on Facebook and other social media about your plans. If you do find someone, talk to them or meet them first. Only give them an invitation to be your roommate if you find them suitable.

To make the task easier we have a Refer A Friend feature on mimakaan. This will help you inform others about mimakaan, plus you and your friends can jointly search for a hostel, other roommates, or rooms available for rent in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


One parting thought: Give a lot of importance to the location of your hostel. Sometimes a hostel that appears more expensive might be more cost-effective since it is located closer to commercial centers or public transport systems. This will save you money in taxi-fare and other ancillary costs. Plus being close to centers of the city always provides extra facilities like cinema halls, hospital availability, friends living close by, and many others.

We wish you the best of luck as you find your student accommodation. If we can be of assistance give us a shout and we’ll be glad to help.

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