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October 2018


While signing a lease for renting a property a specific procedure (also read this) is followed:

  • Visit to Property. 
  • Checking inventory, fixtures, and utilities available. 
  • Signing the lease contract.

Whether landlord or tenant, we all that know that before signing the lease we must ensure some information must be checked on priority. The same is true of provisions agreed upon in the rental agreement. These provisions make it possible to deal with any disputes, which may arise later between tenant and landlord. This is particularly important in the current legislative context.
As such the lease should satisfy the tenant as well as the landlord. So what do you need to know about your rental agreement? mimakaan reveals the substance in this article.

The content and form of the lease contract

Before signing a lease, you must make sure of its content and form. Indeed, the lease contains mandatory information, without which it would be null and void. These include:

  • The identity of the parties.
  • The living space available to tenant. This is especially important for portion of houses or when giving out single rooms.
  • The description of the property including its condition.

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