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Looking For a Roommate? Here is How to Find Your Roommate

You are not alone! – there are many people looking to share a room, flat and house with another person in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Having a roommate can be a great opportunity for you to save money on rent – but finding the perfect roommate can be a daunting task.

In most cases, you do not know your roommate – there are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause rift and tension when living with a bad person so choose your roommate carefully. In some cases, it could be the beginning of best friendships and rewarding living experience.

There are many ways to find a roommate like word of mouth and online searching. Sharing a space with others is not always easy so in order to avoid the anxiety of sharing a room, house or flat with a stranger, best is to reach out to your circle of friends and see if you can find a roommate that way. If living with friends isn’t an option, then try searching online. Continue Reading

Looking for hostels in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Tips For Finding Student Accommodation

So you’ve gained admission to college. Well, congratulations! 

Now starts the difficult task of finding a suitable accommodation, especially if you’re moving to another city. But take a deep breath, relax, and let’s break things down and make the job easier for you.

Are you a student looking to rent a room in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. If so, let’s start with the 11 tips you need to keep in mind. And remember we have tons of experience in this.


Don’t be one of those students who keep delaying their search for rooms for rent till the very end. Remember there’s a horde of students who’ll be hunting for rented accommodation at the same time as you. In order to make sure you get the accommodation of your choice, whether it be a hostel or flat, you need to act NOW and reserve your room as soon as you can. Else you might have to choose from whatever is left behind. Continue Reading


While signing a lease for renting a property a specific procedure (also read this) is followed:

  • Visit to Property. 
  • Checking inventory, fixtures, and utilities available. 
  • Signing the lease contract.

Whether landlord or tenant, we all that know that before signing the lease we must ensure some information must be checked on priority. The same is true of provisions agreed upon in the rental agreement. These provisions make it possible to deal with any disputes, which may arise later between tenant and landlord. This is particularly important in the current legislative context.
As such the lease should satisfy the tenant as well as the landlord. So what do you need to know about your rental agreement? mimakaan reveals the substance in this article.

The content and form of the lease contract

Before signing a lease, you must make sure of its content and form. Indeed, the lease contains mandatory information, without which it would be null and void. These include:

  • The identity of the parties.
  • The living space available to tenant. This is especially important for portion of houses or when giving out single rooms.
  • The description of the property including its condition.

Continue Reading


Finding a house to rent is a tiring and time-consuming business. Even though property portals like help you find houses online, still your work doesn’t end there.

Here are a few tips to assist you in making the best possible decision irrespective whether you use or a traditional property dealer.


We assume you have a good idea of your budget. Now is the best time to assess general rental values in the neighborhood of your choice. Before you go talking to property dealers first visit the neighborhood you are interested in. Another option is to use to get some information about the area. mimakaan is also the best way to easily and readily get rentals directly from landlords.

Alternatively you might do a local tour. Talk to small shop-owners as they generally have a good idea of rental values. Since most live nearby they will give you a good breakdown of the area including many nuggets of hidden information. You will be surprised to find how forthcoming and helpful your neighborhood grocery owner is. Continue Reading

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